"Imagine if you could simply stop worrying about all those things that are constantly falling between the cracks in your business life. Imagine if you could completely trust that things would be handled systematically, professionally and with warmth and discretion. Imagine if processes were put in place in your life so that things just happen without you having to make them happen. Well, you’ve just imagined working with Pam Ryan. I simply don’t know how I would function without her.

Pam is a fantastic asset to our team. My very global clients love working with her, and she must have the world’s most soothing voice. I’ve not seen her flustered yet, and that is saying something. I could not recommend her more highly."

Rita Gunther McGrath | Principal

Rita McGrath Group LLC

“Sometimes I ask myself the question, ‘How did my business ever run before having Pam aboard?’ The answer is sometimes it ran, sometimes it didn't. One thing is for sure, I know I worked much harder.

Pam is now doing so many things that I used to do, I would probably have a hard time remembering how to do them myself. And this was after thinking that I was the only person who could ever do them.

After starting our association with basic tasks, I have now been able to ask Pam to perform some really high level tasks like the following:

  • Determine what companies offer outsourced help desk support, interview them, create a short list of candidates, then set up appointments for me to talk with them.

  • Invite clients and industry professionals to a monthly conference call, maintain a list of confirmed attendees, then host the call, record it and introduce me after everyone arrives.

  • After learning that the CRM system from Cisco that we use will be retired, help determine what our alternatives might be, and create a short list for me to consider.

  • After learning basic tasks from our Wiki and video tutorials, Pam was able to document new procedures and create training materials herself.

And just a word about AssistU. I would never even think of working with a VA who is not an AssistU graduate. The level of training and commitment that is instilled in all graduates is exactly what I hoped for. Starting with the needs assessment right through to the final selection, the process is professional and helps ensure that a good match is made.

If I were starting my business over again my first hire would be a good VA, and Pam is the best.”

Rich Vettel, President

UnitechEDI, Inc.

“Pam Ryan is a dream come true as a virtual assistant. She is impeccable, flexible, clearheaded, and gracious.

She handles a myriad of details for me including registering and managing about one hundred students, keeping track of all the finances for those students, and interacting with people all over the world. Pam is the buffer between my students and me, responding to a wide range of questions and needs with patience and grace.

From my perspective, Pam’s most outstanding quality is her calm steady presence no matter how many things she is juggling. She has a rare balance of high quality attention to detail partnered with warm and genuine people skills.

I could not be happier with Pam’s work. I give her the highest possible recommendation as a virtual assistant.”

Gail Straub, Co-Founder & Executive Director

Empowerment Institute

"I needed someone to handle a variety of tasks from scheduling, to customer service, to invoicing, proofreading critical documents, booking travel, and managing our newsletter database. Pam stepped in without missing a beat.

Her friendliness and excellent attention to detail has made my life so much easier. And my clients have offered unsolicited feedback about her friendliness and professionalism. If you need to stay organized and free up more time to deliver excellent service, Pam is not only “virtually” the best — she IS the best."

Hal Movius, President

Movius Consulting, Inc.

“Pam Ryan has been my virtual assistant since 2008.

She has stepped up to every challenge we presented, including: scheduling sales calls, managing sales trips, educating customers, software training and documentation, and live customer support.

Our business often has tight deadlines, where instant customer interaction is crucial. Pam handles all of this with efficiency and politeness. I've yet to see anything faze her 'can-do' attitude.

Pam has an exceptional eye for detail, increasing the quality of our business correspondence, and dramatically improving our company's image.

Most importantly of all, we often receive unsolicited praise from customers and partners regarding their efficient and polite interactions with Pam.

I have no reservation at all in recommending her services, your customers and partners will think that they are dealing with a larger and more professional company with Pam's help.”

David C. Moshal, President

Auctionologies, LLC

“Pam's calming presence and ability to expertly juggle multiple details for my board and global executive coaching clients has accelerated my own success and well-being.

Pam brings professionalism, skill and ease to a new level—Just knowing she is there brings confidence and peace of mind.

Ellen Wingard, Global Collaborative
Change Partners Board Chair

World Pulse Media

“Pam Ryan has exceptional attention to detail and power of organization. She makes juggling all the details, schedules and itineraries look effortless.

What used to take me days to accomplish takes her minutes! With her calm manner and soothing voice, she is my secret weapon against stress. She's always 10 feet ahead of me - she knows exactly where I'm headed and what it will take to get there. I never again have to hold my head in my heads because I've forgotten something important.

The biggest benefit of working with Pam is her ability to read my mind. She is exceptional at matching my communication style and my work habits - at the same time she's teaching me new habits and showing me shortcuts.

Pam is not my first VA, yet she is by far the best. She has completely sold me on the power of working with a VA who makes you feel like your work is the most important part of her day. (And I have no doubt that every one of her clients would tell you the exact same thing!)

Pam Ryan is worth her weight in platinum ~ if you are lucky enough to be one of her clients, you know you have the world on a string. Pam has my highest recommendation."

Maia Beatty, Owner

Maia Beatty & Associates, Inc.

“Pam has been instrumental in making my live events happen, supporting the clients before and during the event. I can always count on Pam to be extremely customer-friendly, reliable, courteous, and resourceful.

She has never dropped the ball on a project and definitely has a ‘beyond-the-task’ way of thinking, which allows me to assign projects to her then sit back and know they'll be done with quality and on time.

Pam is definitely a valuable member of my team, and anyone would be fortunate to work with her.”

Milana Leshinsky, Owner

Milana.com, LLC